Point Comfort, Texas

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Our Commitment to EHS

Formosa is committed to protecting the environment, providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, and improving the quality of life in communities where we operate. We work with regulatory agencies, local organizations, and community representatives toward making substantive improvements in our own performance as well as meaningful contributions to benefit society. Since 1994, we've increased production by 50 percent while reducing hazardous waste generation by 25 percent and improving our safety record by more than 60 percent. We've also contributed time and resources to benefit educational, cultural, municipal, and environmental preservation programs in our communities.

As our operations continue to grow and diversify, so does our commitment to the environment and our communities. Formosa can and will continue to improve. We are now working to embrace the concept of sustainable development. This means doing our part to help ensure that future generations will be able to meet their own needs through continued progress in economic, environmental, and social performance. Tracking and communicating performance in these areas will be an important part of our Sustainable Development Program.

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Email us with your comments or questions about our environmental, health and safety performance.